Labuha Averages 10.5 Million Indonesian Rupiah of Profits a Day with Online Agile Ball

07/15/2020 20:03

A degree in hotel management can take you a long way, but it is a long way indeed. If you want to reach heights in the short-term, I do not advise that you go for the hotel management. Labuha (the protagonist of this story) felt the same when all his friends decided that they are going to go for the hotel management course after completing the school. Labuha’s writing skills were excellent so he decided to become a blogger. He thought that college was a waste of time and he didn’t go to the college even for a day.

Labuha started blogging the day his friends all started going to the colleges or universities. Labuha was very hopeful that he will be able to make over 9 Million Indonesian Rupiah per day after an year, but was he wrong? Labuha couldn’t make over 900 thousand Indonesian Rupiah per day after doing his best after an year. Labuha was disappointed. Labuha used to fully research and gave his best to his blogs. He couldn’t have been more disappointed. He could make more money working odd-jobs, and with these writing skills and his imaginative power, he could have authored one of the best-selling books ever.

But Labuha is the kind of guy who never gives up. Labuha used to spend a lot of time on each article that he wrote and Labuha wanted to find out if he could make money online without spending so much time writing. He ultimately found out bola tangkas online through a chatroom. Now it has been 14 months and Labuha is averaging over 10.5 Million Indonesian Rupiah of profits with it a day.


The Streets of Malta and Gozo are filled with luxury hatchbacks bought off Bitcoin Gambling Money

07/13/2020 20:44

Back until the early 80s, there were only a handful of premium and luxury hatchbacks. It was the Honda first that made the concept popular in the West and it is still considered one of the best go to brands if you are looking to buy a nice hatchback to drive in the city.

For the ones living in the cities with high population density, it is not just about saving the money, they buy hatchbacks for easy parking and various other inevitable reasons. One such place is the tiny and beautiful island of Malta. 8 out of 10 cars in Malta and Gozo are hatchbacks and almost half of those are luxury or premium. Mercedes A-Class, Mini Coopers, BMW, Volvo or Audi hatchbacks, you will find those everywhere there mostly bought off using Bitcoin Gambling money.

City of Jerusalem is also very heavy on the premium hatchbacks nowadays due to the ever-increasing population there. Large and immensely populous cities of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Pune, etc have started seeing a growing trend of premium and even luxury hatchbacks too.

Scandinavia is a whole different story. There the larger, wider and tall-boy cars are earning more popularity like always. Volvo V90 is the all-time greatest selling car there.

The rising popularity of premium hatchbacks isn’t only due to the increasing traffic and lack of parking space, premium hatchbacks offer you better mileage, ease of driving and also better pick-up speed. Years ago, let’s say about a decade ago, it was very rare to see a tall, posh and good-looking middle-aged man with a deep Barry White-like voice coming out of a hatchback, but today it is very usual. Even a stunning lady wouldn’t be seen driving these small cars normally up-till about 2 decades ago. Just like Ms. Baltimore said in the movie ‘Scarface’, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing. Mind you, she didn’t refer to a hatchback in the scenario, it was a CADILLAC, but now things have changed and for good.


Smart herbal life sellers are making a bank using Facebook live and UFABet

07/5/2020 16:19

I have read almost all of Indian mythology and the Hindu rishis and sadhus have fantasized and imagined about almost everything including the Pushpak Viman “Aeroplane“, telepathy “mobile phones”, and lots of other stuff that was only discovered in this century and age. They couldn’t imagine or predict about modern cars or motorcycles but they have mentioned almost in every granth miraculous chariots and horses that can take you anywhere at a speeds exceeding thousands of miles per hour. One thing that none of the mythologies, no matter which, including Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Ancient Greek Mythology could fantasize about is the modern 21st century credit card or any sort of credit or debit card. Perhaps no homo sapien sapien other than Edward Bellamy ever thought of such a wonderful thing as a credit card until his very popular novel Looking Backward came out. Although his imaginary credit card was more like a debit card, it very much defined almost all the features of a 1940s credit card.

I am now reminded of my neighbor Reham’s story. After listening to a popular motivational speaker, Reham thought going to the college is a waste of time. She decided to never go to one. She started regularly betting on ufabet and selling herbal life products with her aunt whom she considered her mentor. They did buy Facebook live viewers and used Facebook as their only medium to advertise. They both made good amount of money for a while and then things started to change.

Reham was about to get married and she was jobless. Reham’s husband also didn’t go to a college and he was in the business of selling and purchasing used cars. After the growing popularity of the internet, Reham’s husband too became jobless. They didn’t have any money, they didn’t have any future.

They now had a baby of 4 months as well. They didn’t know how to survive. The remaining story is so painful that I decide to end it here only.

You will hear several motivational speakers on the internet and elsewhere telling you to quit your college and there is no benefit of going to a college and things like that. DON’T listen to these people. Just don’t do it! This advice can ruin your life and that of your near and dear ones as well.

When you work hard on a job that has no future, you are ruining your life. Most of the jobs that you get into without doing your graduation have no future and in today’s time when there are robots being built to do almost every laboring job, there doesn’t seem to be a bright future of the people working at the odd-jobs.


Chiang Mai Author makes Arms money with Football Step 2 Betting

07/1/2020 1:43

Prompong Waingsa from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the incumbent President of the Philippines and named it ‘Rodrigo Duterte and his Scriptwriter Cielita’.

In his book Prompong writes that he believes Rodrigo Duterte will live to be more than 100.

Prompong writes that the biggest reason why Duterte wants to become an ally of the Republic of China is due to him having Chinese blood in him through his grandfather

Prompong claims in his book that Rodrigo Duterte’s uncle – Ramon Duterte was a Mossad agent and any opposition leader who spoke about it was either killed or imprisoned for life.

Prompong writes that it has been a well kept secret by both the opposition and the PDP – Laban that in both the Laboon Elementary School and the Santa Ana Elementary, Duterte was labelled as a psychotic kid.

Prompong writes the claim made by none other than Duterte himself that he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest as a child is a baseless one. He claims that it was a test that Duterte had to pass to prove his loyalty towards the Anti-Catholic bosses of his at the time.

Prompong claims that Cielita Honeylet Salvador Avancena – the mistress of Rodrigo Duterte has been writing scripts for him for over 2 decades now. He claims that the scripts where he claims to have shot fellow students at the college for ridiculing him regarding his race and more.

Prompong writes that one of the agendas of Duterte and his foreign bosses is to divide the nation of Philippines in as many different parts as possible and that’s the reason why he has been playing the race card so much since the day he came into power.

Prompong claims in his book that Rodrigo became the Mayor for the first time of the Davao City due to cheating in elections. He claims that most of the elections that Rodrigo won involved cheating from his side, an art that he learnt from his CIA agent uncle – Ramon Duterte.

Prompong claims in his book that the restoration of death penalty in Philippines seems to be a part of the population control policy of the USA, first brought about by Henry Kissinger in 1974.

Prompong writes that the USA not selling Duterte its weapons due to his government violating the human rights over and over again was a drama scripted by the Zionists to make Philippines one of its permanent arms importer and they succeeded very well at it just like Prompong succeeds at บอลสเต็ป2 all the time.


The First Female Muslim Ruler of the Indian Subcontinent loved Udon Noodles as much as Maria loves Best Betting Sites Horse Racing

06/12/2020 11:57

Maria Douthwaite from Bath, England, is a Japanese Restaurant owner, who recently completed writing a book named ‘The Tughlaqs and The Japanese Dishes’. She sent me a free copy of the book and I really delighted in reading it.

In her book, Maria writes that Sultan Firoz Tughlaq of the Tughlaq Dynasty used to love the Japanese Sushi so much that he would eat it at least 4 times a week.

Maria writes that Razia Sultan – the first female Muslim ruler of the Indian Subcontinent used to love the Japanese styled Udon noodles as much as Maria loves best betting sites horce racing.

Maria writes that Ghiyas ud din Balban – the ninth sultan of the Mamluk dynasty of Delhi used to eat Japanese Tofu on every alternate day.

Maria writes that the tenth sultan of the Mamluk dynasty – Muiz ud din Qaiqabad used to eat Japanese dish – Tempura every Thursday.

Maria also writes in her book that the eleventh sultan of the Mamluk Dynasty – Shamsuddin Kayumars would eat Japanese Yakitori every Tuesday and Friday and call it a Sunnah.

Maria writes that the founder and first sultan of the Khalji dynasty of Delhi Sultanate – Jalal-ud-din Khalji was a huge fan of eating fishes and a special raw fish delicacy that his chef cooked for him every other day was very much like a clone for the Japanese Sashimi.

Maria writes in her book that arguably the most powerful emperor of the Khalji dynasty – Alauddin Khalji would consume Japanese Ramen – a noodle soup dish at least once every 3 days.

Maria also writes that the third Sultan of the Khalji dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate – Shihabuddin Omar had a chef trained by the Japanese who would cook him Donburi, Natto and Oden every once in a while.


Round Earth Denier doesn’t deny winning thousands with Fun88

05/22/2020 8:30

Pracha Naksawat from Bangkok, Thailand, is a florist, gambler, round earth denier and blogger who refers to the men and women believing in the round earth as ‘globe boys’ and ‘globe girls’.

Pracha was born and raised in a Thai Buddhist family but he has accepted Catholicism as his only religion for the past 3 years. He came into touch with 4 Catholic conspiracy theorists from Italy back in the February of 2015 and that’s where his Catholicism, Flat-Earth and Conspiracy Theories journey began.

Pracha claims that the moon is like a pin prick in a sheet of cloth it can get bigger, smaller or change in dimensions in other ways.

Pracha sleeps during the afternoon and stays up all night and it has been going like that for the past 12 years. Many of his friends and family members believe that his sleeping during the afternoon and staying up all night is responsible for his unusual and weird thoughts and beliefs but Pracha believes that his thoughts and beliefs are perfectly normal and so is sleeping in the afternoon and staying up during the night. He says that rather those who believe in a round earth are brainwashed and gullible ‘sheeple’ and they are the ones who need to change their lifestyle, sleeping habits and diet to become normal and start thinking with their own brain.

Pracha believes that the population of the homosexuals across the world, especially in the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Australia and European countries is highly exaggerated and fake. He claims that the governments will do anything to make their propaganda of making the people believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and transgenderism, which is a part of their agenda to divide and rule the sheeple.

Pracha writes that he finds a great rescue and escape from the sheeple, crazy and mad world whenever he is betting on fun88 and that’s the best time of his day.


SEO Marketer from Adelaide started a Cost-to-Cost T-Shirt Business with the Money she made with the help of Big Win Videos

05/19/2020 7:14

Ginger Sconyers is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Adelaide, Australia, who writes on her blog that discipline is a lot more important than creativity in her business.

Ginger writes on her blog that unfortunately, there is no single trick in the SEO business like in the case of many other, perhaps most others, that can make you rich or successful or both.

Ginger writes that contrary to the popular belief that having different voyeur modes like a dark mode, a white mode like the most infamous website – Youtube and many other websites do, has no impact on the SEO of your website.

Ginger created a cost-to-cost T-Shirt and other merchandise with her business logo about 2 years ago with the money she won with the help of big win videos. She says that it is a pity that she hasn’t got a single sale yet on the same, not even from a customer or some professional belonging to the SEO field.

Ginger believes that the number of social media users is vastly exaggerated and estimates it to be not more than 2.5 billion. She claims that the statistics of 3.8 billion users includes spam accounts. She also believes that more people than estimated have internet; She adds that the entire families and sometimes all the employees of small businesses use the same internet and instead of counting the small business of families entirely, the statistics include those as a single user.


Nikola Tesla wouldn’t die broke if he had Ultra-Modern Online Matched Betting Systems at his disposal

05/11/2020 9:58

Beth Staalman is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from London, England, who after having lived in India for 3 years and in Kazakhstan for 1 year, has come to the conclusion that it is more difficult to get an ID for a citizen in a third-world country and even in a few second-world countries than it is to get your website ranked on the first page of Google for a highly competitive keyword.

Beth writes on her blog that the so-called Iron Man of the Space Research – Elon Musk is highly overrated and Sergey Brin and Larry Page are both underrated. She asks why they haven’t been given any fancy name by the mainstream media like Elon Musk and many other have been?

Beth loves to read about the great geniuses of the current and past times and she feels pity for the past geniuses especially the ones who died broke like the Croatian-American Inventor – Nikola Tesla that they didn’t have the ultra-modern online matched betting system at their disposal. She believes that they couldn’t die broke if they had modern and reliable matched betting system at their disposal if t

Beth writes on her blog that large content is vastly overrated. She says that it is a myth that a website with 1000 pages is going to rank better than a website with only 100 pages on it. She says that it depends upon the quality and uniqueness of the content, not the quantity as is perceived by many. She believes that the engagement objects (videos, audios, podcasts) are the best ways to ensure that your content is unique, engaging, quality and SEO friendly at the same time.


Psychiatrist from Gary, IN, bashes Wealthy Art Lovers and French Red Wine on her Blog

05/4/2020 18:40

Dr Susana Hinojosa is a Psychiatrist from Gary, Indiana, who claims on her blog that the people who were told that as a child that they omit odor tend to suffer with psychological disorders at later age, especially after their 40s. She says that she didn’t notice this until she noticed this in her husband and it was during the meditation therapy that he disclosed the reason causing him that psychological trauma.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that most ballet dancers whom she is familiar with had some psychological disorder at some point in their lives, especially the Polish and Jewish ones.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that men with mustaches are much less likely to fall into depression than men with shaved faces, but men with both mustache and beard are more likely to fall into depression compared to the men with shaved faces. She doubts that the beard and the mustache together can rather be a consequence instead of the cause in this regard as the lazier men are lesser likely to shave their beard and mustache and they are also least likely to exercise, all of which is enough to give person a psychological disorder, especially the depression.

Dr Susana believes that exercise doesn’t only make a person better physically, mentally or psychologically, but it also makes a man much better sexually. She claims that many of her patients who used to be asexual, after they started exercising became so sexual all of a sudden that they are always found hiring Russian escorts in Mumbai ever since.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that French Red Wine has no special positive effect on any psychological disorder as is usually perceived by many. She claims it is mere misinformational gimmick which is nothing more than a ridiculous advertisement and promotion which ought to be banned by the governments across the globe.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that the rich art lovers are more likely to suffer with psychological disorders than their middle-income counterparts and it is nothing something that she claimed out of envy, jealousy or to console the people belonging to the middle-income group, but rather a truth that she came across over and over again.

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