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Make Jerusalem Doctor Money Passively With The Help Of This One Website

11/20/2020 15:35

Alexa Bollinger is a Political Blogger from Flint, Michigan, believes Indian immigration to the USA is okay due to the shortage of doctors in the country.

Immigration is necessary to fill in the gaps in our economy. Farms have a hard time finding willing laborers, so they find immigrants who will. We have a doctor shortage, so immigrant doctors come to provide us with medical services.

Alexa Bollinger

About the creation of Israel, Alexa writes “The way I see it is that if Palestine controlled Israel, they would no doubt abuse the Jewish population. Also, Israel was supposed to be created on 1917, after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, the 1947 creation of Israel was just fulfilling a promise that the partition of the Ottomans would include a Jewish state.”

Additionally, Alexa writes that she is not sure why the Palestinians felt entitled to the land if they weren’t living there. The land was obtained by the British after the collapse of the Ottoman empire. If the land is not inhabited it is really the British’s decision to make, since they won the land after the war, if there were people, it would be different though.

About Jerusalem, Alexa writes that the city was mainly Jews before the creation of Israel.

There are more scammers on Discord than in India. I joined this trading server today, which is 81, 820 members strong. The server owner scams his own members using alternate account and the server is free to you only for 20 days, after that, you need to pay in order to continue using their server. I wonder if half of the Call Centre Scammers left their Call Centre Business and joined Discord rather. I know at least 2 such guys.

Alexa Bollinger

Alexa only trusts this one website when it comes to making that extra daily profit.


No Metagame Required To Win Online Pokies Real Money

10/27/2020 8:53

Dennis Stamp from New South Wales, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who believes that Bernie Sanders had a better chance to beat Donald Trump last time but Democrats made the blunder of going with Hillary.

Dennis has a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump. He says people can hate him or think he is dumb, but they need to realize that he is one of the most powerful people in the world.

Dennis believes Vladimir Putin is the greatest leader of our time.

Dennis defines Metagame as an ideal strategy to win a game. But not just one game because you win some of it and lose the rest of it too, but because you drastically improve your chances of winning a game. So that’s why people talk about a video game, they talk about the meta.

Afghanistan is doing fine just right now. Thank You America for bombing the shit out of Afghanistan. You have truly brought them freedom and prosperity. The country is definitely not in ruins, and the Taliban are definitely not still around and are taking the country back anyway. More freedom bombs please America.

Dennis Stamp

Dennis agrees with the notion that Al-Qaeda was supported by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan just as his personal income is supported by online pokies real money.

Dennis writes the Americans got nowhere invading Afghanistan. Only Mass Misery. It has simply not worked and is not a solution. If you compare the suffering caused by strict Islamists ruling Afghanistan with the suffering caused by decades of American invasion and warfare, he is going to choose the former.

He adds that not only in fact the America should have left the Afghanistan alone, he thinks the America should have traded with the Taliban, like any other country.


Portuguese woman loved her experience in Thailand and everything about the country

09/30/2020 2:37

France Lobo has lived for 10 years in India and 2 years in Thailand. Her experience in Thailand was pretty great, she loved it, especially due to the fun Sports News Updates (ข่าวกีฬาอัพเดท) and her experience in India was horrible, she hated it.

The thing that France hated most about India was its celebrity culture. The Indians worship celebrities like gods. “What else can you expect from idol worshipers?”, said France. France studied, learnt and did a lot of research on Indian mythology aka Hindu religion aka ‘Sanatan Dharma’. France says that it is a conglomeration of several petty pagan religions and is funnier than the most funny comic book she ever read.

Marathi people of India worship a demigod named ‘Ganesha’. Ganesha’s story is quite funny. France claims that the ancient Maharashtrian people used to worship elephants and they thought of them as some godly creatures. India was never one country, it was divided into thousands of different petty nations a couple of thousand years ago and a celibate named Shankaracharya used to wander all over the Indian subcontinent in a hope to maintain harmony among the different tribes of the subcontinent which were all fighting each other for their differences in the belief of the god.

Bengalis are highly sexual people because they eat nothing but seafood and therefore Bengalis have always worshiped a goddess called Durga. Their worshiping rituals or culture has nothing to do with the sexuality but it is a common sense among the highly religious people belonging to the non-pagan religions that the pagan religions that worship female god are generally slaves to their lower senses and it is highly evident looking at the Bengali movies what these Bengali kiddos are slaves of.

Anyways, France won 200, 000 USD in one day betting on UFA. UFA is the latest sensation in the world of gambling and even the most trustworthy gambling blogs cannot recommend UFA enough.


Daughter of Czech immigrants started her own electronics store in the Downtown of Louisville with Chudjen money

09/26/2020 6:30

Helena Bares recently inaugurated her dream business – a home appliance and electronics store in the Downtown area of Houston, Texas. I know that this may sound funny to many that a dream business can be such a small business but Helena is an emotional being who listens to her heart and not to her brain for most of the times and that’s the reason why this young lady is richer than any of her siblings, cousins or family member. Life was tough for the daughter of this Czech immigrants who came to the US in the late 1970s. Helena’s parents didn’t even speak fluent English for years after arriving in the US.

So, you may be wondering how Helena’s listening to her heart instead of her brain can make her rich. Helena once came across a banner ad of one of the chudjen bet websites and as Helena had one Bitcoin that her ex-boyfriend presented her once, Helena’s heart told her that there is something about these chudjen websites and she instantly clicked on one of the ads and started betting and here she is, the richest and one of the youngest members of her family.

Helena didn’t go to a university but she is a highly skilled computer technician with a love for history and conspiracy theories. Helena claims that there is life on the Planet Saturn and the people on Saturn are so dark that there is no way that a human can see them through bare eyes on that dark planet.

Helena knows several Jews and although she hates antisemites herself, she says that each and every Jew that she ever met was full of enmity, jealousy and other negative emotions.

Helena is pro-democracy but she says that monarchy is the ideal type of political system for the middle-eastern countries.


Lena Chutani writes a Punjabi rap song after she wins thousands with online gambling

09/26/2020 6:18

Lena Chutani claims that if the killer of Julius Caesar – Brutus the Younger were alive today. He would have driven nothing but Fiat cars without caring about how unreliable, overpriced and non-durable they are. Lena says that the guy was so much obsessed with Rome and Romans.

Lena recently won 50, 000 US Dollars betting on online gambling websites and after that she got so happy and excited that she wrote a rap song in the language that she has been learning for a while, i.e. Punjabi. Here is an excerpt from her song:-

“Aaya main Lahore meri wakhri hai tor,

Najam Sethi mera interview lenda studio Lahore,

Chauda mera seena, meri mashook ballerina utton aunda mainu paseena,

assi kadde kise da kuch nahin cheena,

Hath vich nava iPhone, road utte Bugatti laike phirda main jivein phiron (Pharaoh),

Saada muqabla kare kaun, dende assi poore India nu load,

Tu samjhe apne nu kaun, tere warge meriyan majjan chaun, mere kutte nahlon,

Si jede tere yaar o dhonde saadi car, saade buland darbar sher baithe wichkar,

Aa sakda hai te aaja chappar faad ya tod ke taale,

Sofe utte baike main khavan jamun kaale kaale,

Lakh di laanat there muh te maaran

Tere gharwale saag karan mere naale, phate pyajame wale.”

While learning the Punjabi language, Lena got to learn a lot about the Indian and Pakistani culture, traditions and history. Lena claims that the so-called legendary Indian ex-Prime Minister – Indira Gandhi wasn’t a dictator neither a democratic person.

Lena has started loving her Indian heritage so much that she says that she will work as a North Goa escort for at least a couple of months after she goes pay India a visit.

Lena also accuses the notorious and most wanted Pakistani terrorist – Hafiz Saeed and his armed men drink human blood like Vlad the Impaler. Lena says that several Pakistani men and women she knows told her the same and she also saw one such news on a Pakistani local channel whose videos are available on the Youtube.


Bangkok Pharmacist believes it is more ethical to make a living playing Baccarat than selling ADHD medicines

09/13/2020 8:43

Lalit Bayu is a Pharmacist from Bangkok, Thailand, who was born to a wrestler father and a homemaker mother.

Lalit writes on his blog that he is extremely hopeful that the medical practitioners will soon be able to find the key to immortality and/or eternal youth. He then adds that it is a pity that not many medical practitioners seem to be interested in the same, other than the Gerontologists, and their interest on the immortality and/or the eternal youth is not too strong either.

Lalit hates alcoholics personally including his father, who has always been a borderline alcohol addict. Lalit’s father has been learning plant morphology lately because the Neurologist told him to keep his brain running or he is going to get an Alzheimer’s.

Lalit claims to be very sad about the growing ADHD among the kids of Thailand. He writes on his blog that the most that his pharmacy sells the medications for nowadays is ADHD. He says that he would rather make a living playing Baccarat (บาคาร่า) then selling ADHD medicines to the kids.

Lalit writes on his blog that he is rather glad about the fact that the honest online pharmacies have been making the lives of the people easy, although they have caused the profits of the brick and mortar pharmacies go down along with their revenues. Lalit adds that the new huge discount culture that the online pharmacies have paved the way for is really something unforeseen but that’s not much of a big issue for Lalit, as long as they keep making the people happy. Lalit campaigns online against the fake and scam online pharmacies though.

Lalit adds that as much as half of his good friends in the pharmacy business have left field since online pharmacies have become popular. He says that no matter what happens, he is always going to be faithful to his business and never going to give up or get into running an online pharmacy.


Physician sisters from Chiang Mai love Japanese Dramas as much as they do Premier League Results

09/10/2020 20:15

Dr Benjawan Ben is a Podiatrist from Chiang Mai, Thailand, who writes on her blog that the Pakistani and Indian people are lesser prone to getting foot disorders than almost every other people in Asia. She claims to have some secret documents to prove her case.

Dr Benjawan has been studying the ancient secrets of Podiatry mentioned in the ancient Persian, Indian and Chinese texts and she claims to have gained more wisdom studying the same than the rest of her medical career combined. It is these texts that made her realise that ผลบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก can change your life for the better.

Dr Benjawan Ben writes on her blog that it is extremely saddening to see that the college girls and boys are now very likely to get chronic foot disorders that are usually common with the old people.

Dr Benjawan Ben writes on her blog that the Globalisation has had nothing but positive impact on the study of Podiatry. She writes that before the current globalisation, the doctors didn’t have the know-how that they now do and there is no way that they could have the same if it weren’t for the globalisation.

One of Dr Benjawan Ben’s sisters owns a fertility clinic with a specialty in embryology. She is fluent in Japanese language and inspired by her, Dr Benjawan recently started learning the Japanese language herself. She spends a couple of her hours everyday watching Japanese dramas with Indonesian subtitles (nonton drama jepang sub indo).

Dr Benjawan Ben writes on her blog that studying Etymology has really made her understand and discover some rare things about the practice of Podiatry like no other.


Lucid Dreaming can help with Winning Bets Online, claims Maulana Al-Fatih

09/7/2020 8:54

Maulana Al-Fatih is a full-time gambler from Jakarta, who writes on his blog that to him and most reasonable centrists, systematic racism is just the aftermath of historical racism. Its the social context around enslaving an entire ethnic group and its ramifications of history. He doesn’t believe that systematic racism is a centralised organisation of evil White people.

Maulana Al-Fatih loves learning languages using duolingo as much as he loves betting on qq online.

Maulana drinks multiple mugs of coffee for 25 days and then stops all sorts of caffeine intake for the next 25 days. He has been following this routine for years now and he attributes everything to it. As he believes it saved his life by raising his consciousness up to a new level. He even doubts many times that he has achieved that state of enlightenment which several holy people in the past belonging to the east talked about.

Maulana believes veganism is a leftist, emotional worldview oriented propaganda. He says just because the food industry is greedy, just like any other industry, doesn’t mean it is right.

Maulana makes fun of the vegans by stating that the milk sellers and the drinkers have to constantly impregnate cows for them to produce milk and the vegans would see that as rape.

Maulana believes the purpose of milk is to provide nutrition to the offspring, so they don’t need to be pregnant but they need to bear children.

Maulana doesn’t mind vegans but says they need to stop going on about how vegans are better than everyone else.

Maulana mostly lucid dreams to gather his thoughts and practice his music or goes over things for tests and such. He says that when he wakes up, he does better than he went to the bed.


Nothing on this Planet Surpasses the Baccarat Dopamine Rush

08/22/2020 0:56

DeShay Adulyadej from Bangkok, Thailand, stays away from all the activities that increase dopamine except for บาคาร่า. He says sometimes when he opens Twitter after a long while, he experiences an immediate dopamine rush; he then clicks it off instantly.

DeShay claims to have interviewed several pedophiles, both online and offline. He says pedophiles take advantage of kids who don’t know much about the outside world. He says the biggest pity is that some of them like to have the babies fresh out of the wombs.

DeShay debunks the theory very well that there is a relation between a homosexual person and a pedophile.

DeShay studies world history on Khan Academy and learns Chinese off Duolingo, EdX and HelloChinese.

DeShay once interviewed a hardcore porn addict who would watch porn for 12 hours a day on an average. He told DeShay that breaking the porn loop makes him feel his actual emotions and connect with reality which he doesn’t want to feel.

DeShay believes a man should have sex only with a partner he loves and is willing to procreate with. He says when a man has sex outside of these conditions, he wastes sexual energy, is attacked by the demons of his partner (and his partner’s partners), makes a heavy karmic bond with the partner, and gets tied down to the crude, mundane level of existence. He adds that there are practical consequences like pregnancy and diseases, which could destroy your quality of life.

DeShay believes cold showers, celibacy and meditation can reduce tiredness to the extent that you only need 2 hours of sleep a day to feel alive and fresh all day long.


Singaporean Youngster spends all time improving, since he can afford to, thanks to Reliable Online Casinos

08/11/2020 15:47

Darren Dungeni from Singapore, spends 35% of his time trying to help other people on Quora, Discord, Reddit, and Slack.

Darren speaks 15 different languages. He claims that at some point, the Slavic language divided into many subfamilies, the Russian language stepped into deeply in another direction, there are some words that are similar because of the roots, but the sounding and the structure of the words differs.

Darren believes that politics is the lowest form of consciousness.

Darren claims that he hasn’t drunk a drop of coffee in the past 3 years. He used to be a hardcore coffee addict back in the day. He says that coffee has done him more harm than anything else could. He says that he feels night and day difference every since quitting.

Darren does 80 push-ups every second day; Sometimes 100 in 4 sets and walks 2-3 hours a day. He has been trying to go down from 88 Kg to 81 Kg, he says that he would love to go down even lower but perhaps that’s not possible for him in a healthy way. He says that he’s got enough time for such small self-improvements since he doesn’t have to go to work in the morning, thanks to Singapore Online Casino.

Darren believes camel milk is the best milk. He attributes it to the bravery and energy of the Arabs. He regularly cites the studies on Reddit, Quora, Discord, Slack and also on his blog that prove camel milk to be the best food for the lazy people.

Darren believes life, family, relationships, health, social life, self-improvement, all have metagames that you can use to succeed.

Darren says that we live in epic times when some of the smartest and most successful people on the planet are sharing their knowledge even when the world doesn’t want them to.

Darren thinks that Donald Trump is the embodiment of American ideals in the best and worst ways.

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