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Istanbul Political Blogger And Gambler Advises Militant Kurds To Rather Make A Living Playing Casino Online

02/21/2021 0:30

Zeki Gokcek from Istanbul, Turkey, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that the establishment of Kurds will cut out lots of land from 4 countries which are Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey and the Kurdish land are rich in resources, so it would be a no brainer for any nation to give up resources rich places this way. He writes politics is a dirty game and if one remembers the referendum in Kurdistan, Iraq for independence, they were told that they would be granted independence if they give up Kirkuk, which surprisingly is rich in oil and which is why there is no way the 4 countries will allow the establishment of a Kurdish state regardless whether it is a good thing or bad for everyone involved.

It is concerning to see that separatist terrorists are having full-fledged meetings in Afghanistan.

Zeki Gokcek

Zeki has a friend who served in the Pakistani Military. He told Zeki that during SSG Hell-Week, you are starved and denied sleep for days; You can only drink chicken blood and eat raw meat (snakes and frogs); You are in a constant state of torture, you are whipped to the bone and you are constantly thrown in sensory-depriving chambers. Zeki writes that he would post such leaked videos but they are all too graphic for his blog.

Zeki doesn’t agree with anyone who says that the Free Syria Army has links with past extremism. He writes there are exactly 50 factions within the Free Syria Army and if one of those factions was involved in the extremism in the past, that doesn’t prove anything.

Zeki believes the Kurds in Turkey and Syria will get crushed eventually, even with the help of Assad. He thinks the Kurds should rather leave militancy altogether and make a honest living with full-time betting on casino sites (casino siteleri).

Zeki doesn’t agree with those who say that YPG and other such protection units aren’t Kurds. Neither does he agree with those who claim that each real Kurd is a Muslim.

HTS wiped out Turkish backed National Front (rebranded FSA) in literally 5 days in Idlib. They are thugs and gangs who can only loot and rape but not fight.

Zeki Gokcek

Zeki doesn’t see Assad making a deal with Kurd Protection Units that Turkey won’t attack them. He writes it is ridiculous to think that Turkey would even agree to such a thing.

Zeki thinks Turkey cannot attack YPG Kurds if they are under Syrian State and Russian protection. He adds this is basic, anyone who has knowledge of the Syrian Civil War knows the same. He believes the YPG started negotiating with the regime just to prevent a Turkish offensive on them.

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