Tangerang Blogger Has Been Making Adnan Khashoggi Money With ‘Judi Online’

Noor Ramlan from Tangerang, Indonesia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who has seen the late prominent author – Jamal Khashoggi several times on Al Jazeera. She writes he always had the difficult task of explaining the inner thoughts of the monarchy and policies, especially on the topic of Yemen. She adds, “Imagine just live on television and the Saudi family is watching. You slip up goodbye lifestyle and safety as well as security.”

Noor writes the American Foreign Policy for the last 3 decades has been a total disaster.

Noor is amazed that most people feel that they are much more left politically compared to the other people at their workplace but then the same people act extremely right on their house PCs. She adds that this is something which she didn’t read somewhere but rather something which she observed throughout her career years in the past.

Noor thinks Indonesian comedy and Judi Online is the best followed by its Malaysian counterparts.

Noor thinks nature should have as much rights as the humans do although she feels that the humans should intervene in nature quite frequently.

Noor believes the diehard optimates were more to be blamed than Caesar for the Roman Civil War in 498BC.

Noor personally considers that Leif Erikson was the first one to have discovered America instead of Christopher Columbus.

Noor has been planning to read more in 2021 than she did in 2020.

Noor believes most Top Jewish-American Entertainers are highly overrated.

Noor thinks that linguistic purism is one of the most underrated things and she feels it is a great pity that not many people are interested in reviving the dead languages.

Noor doesn’t agree with those who say that the humans are truly special creatures. She answers that it is purely anthropocentrism.

Noor has this weird disorder where she can’t stand the sound of other people chewing. She says hearing such sounds make her angry and upset simultaneously. She also finds herself weird for the fact that one-on-one conversations give her more anxiety than the group conversations.

Noor says that she would rather travel into the future than the past, because her online gambling career seems to be very bright in the future if the things keep going the way they have been.

Noor never took cold showers because she believes they reduce a person’s gambling luck.

Noor doesn’t agree with those who think that the method acting is superior to the other styles. She also doesn’t think that the westerns will ever make a comeback.

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