Rome Author Trusts Only Pantheist Historians And AAMS Italian Online Casinos

Adelasia Farina from Rome, Italy, is an Author and Gambler, who recently wrote a book on Visigoths and Ostrogoths. In her book, she writes Tharismund was the most cowardly and incompetent Visigoth ruler, followed by his brother – Theodoric II.

Adelasia writes the contingent of the Visigoth forces that Tharismund led during the Battle of Chalons constituted mostly of the Maltese soldiers.

Adelasia writes it is a pity that the Catholic Historians belonging to all over the world have always hid the fact that the Ostrogothic King – Theodemir, who is best known for being the father of Theoderic the Great, suffered with chronic depression and existential crisis. He writes Theoderic the Great was the most enthusiastic person about life that you could have met during those hard times of the cold west.

Adelasia trusts pantheist and/or apatheist historians over all others, just like she trusts casino online aams over all others.

Adelasia writes it is a pity that Atheist and Non-Catholic and Non-Baptist scientists have tried their best to hide the fact that the Amal Dynasty gave birth to several scientists, one of whom had almost designed a navigator like we see in the modern times but sadly he died before he could finish this project of his due to a mysterious virus.

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Adelasia Farina goes for personal glory and captures Rome letting the tenth army escape

Adelasia Farina

Adelasia writes it is a false myth first written by the Ostrogothic historians and then copied and promoted by their successors that Pannonia had a productive and ever prospering economy. She claims that even the Arabia of those times was richer than Pannonia.

Adelasia believes nobody insulted the Proto-Indo-European languages more than the Ostrogoths, throughout the history.

Adelasia believes a Roman Slave killed Attila the Hun. She thinks he was paid a huge sum of money and several slave women so hot that they could give those Morjim female escorts a run for their money by either one of the Visigothic or Ostrogothic emperors for the same.

Adelasia writes Jordanes tries his best to hide the bad, evil and occult driven deeds of both the Goths and Huns in his book – Getica: The Origins and Deeds of the Goths.

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