If It Weren’t For The 2 Big Political Parties Of The US, The American Online Casinos Could Be As Good As Their Malaysian Counterparts

Aini Nor from Malacca, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes the original intent of the US voting system for the states to be more powerful, and the electoral college being more of a measure of the support of the states, rather than the people. She believes the founders of the US hated the people and wanted to make sure the people couldn’t do anything without the elites being able to slam the brakes. She writes everything in the US is intentionally slow to respond as a result of it all, which is good in some ways because it tends to take passion out of the equation and make people gather strong support for ideas. And then she writes it is bad in the sense that the Republicans have won the majority popular vote in a presidential election one time since 2000, and only rarely win the majority vote for the house, and still have the power to prevent the majority democrats from doing anything.

Aini believes strong support for ideas sometimes makes the American Political Parties inflexible. She thinks if both the big American Political Parties had two different positive agendas, this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. She believes that’s why some people vote for democrats, only because they are democrats and the same goes for the opposite.

Aini writes the Republicans figured out that they could get away with just being against everything than Democrats wanted to do. She believes that to accomplish their goals, the Democrats have to make a positive change. She writes that the Republicans just have to stop things from changing and stopping things in the US is very easy. She thinks the American casinos could be as good as Malay Casinos, if it weren’t for these two American political parties.

Aini agrees with those who say the Republicans were the left wing party when they were founded in the 1850s. She writes that the Republicans were a third party at the time, but their win in the 1860 elections with Abraham Lincoln as their candidate is actually a perfect example of why third parties can’t succeed.

Aini writes if it weren’t for the Democrats split two ways – north and south, the Republicans could never carry the win.

I would argue every European country but Russia has comparable freedom to the US.

Aini Nor

Aini is happy that South American countries have been doing better nowadays compared to what they did till about a couple decades ago. She knows several men from those countries who regularly visit Goa just to be able to spend some nights with those gorgeous Morjim Escorts.

The US sponsored a lot of brutal dictatorships and coups during the cold war. It sponsored some of the most brutal authoritarian states in history trying to keep the communists out.

Aini Nor

Aini appreciates the effort of a man named Isaac Saul, a man who offered a $1000 bounty to anyone who could find an instance of potential fraud it takes him more than a hour to dispute. He even provided explanations for a lot of the bigger hoaxes in the past 72 hours in a Twitter attachment.

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