Trump Increased His Sports Betting Business News Reading Time Since His Twitter Account Got Suspended

If I were living in the Nazi Germany and the Gestapo knocked on my door and they asked me if I had any Jewish neighbours, I would tell them “yes” to protect myself.

Claude Farley

Claude Farley from Paris, France, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who reads at least 6 books a month. He writes he cannot understand the obsession of the people globally with the Zodiac Killer. He writes he can bet everything he owns on the fact that Arthur Leigh Allen was not the Zodiac Killer.

History is very much like the study of old politics.

Claude Farley

Claude doesn’t agree with those who think Nietzsche was a virtue ethicist.

Happiness chases a self-disciplined person.

Claude Farley

Claude writes Trump was deservedly suspended from the Twitter and he should now rather spend the time that he spent on Twitter on reading sports betting business news.

I don’t think we will ever reach an era in humanity’s history where war itself becomes a thing of the past like polio or smallpox is now.

Claude Farley

Claude doesn’t agree with those who think Holodomor was a genocide.

Fate is a real thing.

Claude Farley

Claude believes The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere promoted by Japan was a better alternative to the Western Colonialism and Communism for Asia and it could have bettered the Delhi escort scene greatly.

Marxism should be as socially ostracized and condemned as fascism in liberal societies even if they may have better intentions.

Claude Farley

Claude writes it was selfish of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to not retire under Obama and roll the dice with her health under a Republican Presidency although she was asked multiple times during Obama’s Presidency to retire.

If people couldn’t lie, the society would deteriorate.

Claude Farley

Claude thinks Federal Reserve is a force for good in America in the context of the pandemic.

You can have immortal beliefs but behave morally on a day-to-day basis because perhaps the opportunity to do said immoral beliefs never presents itself.

Claude Farley

Claude doesn’t agree with those who think calling cops “pigs” is a form of hate speech, neither does he agree with those say ‘The Republic’ is technically a fan-fiction about Socrates.

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