If This Political Analyst Had A Time Machine, She Would Go Back And Replace All The Pachinko Machines

Marcela Kim from Osaka, Japan, is a Full-Time Political Analyst and Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who believes the notion that there are remains of an ancient civilization under the Antarctic.

Marcela thinks Jaywalking should be illegal; The Srebrenica Massacre was an act of genocide and Dutchbat could have prevented it.

Marcela writes she wouldn’t support the Roman Empire if it still existed, and if she had an opportunity to use time travel machine to travel into the future/past without an ability to the present, she would do it. She would also replace the pachinko machines by traveling into the past.

Marcela thinks tourism should be allowed in Antarctica and mining should be forbidden there.

Marcela believes an automation will have a negative impact on capitalism which might give the people the inclination to support socialism more.

Marcela thinks robots will replace soldiers in combat eventually. She also thinks it is possible to have unbiased Artificial Intelligence.

Religion is inherently political.

Marcela Kim

Marcela believes the allies could have won in North Africa without the help of America and without America, the allies could have won WWII. She also believes that without America, the allies could have won in the pacific.

Marcela believes Joseph McCarthy is one of the most misunderstood person of all times just like those escort services in Bogmalo Goa.

Marcela doubts the current Azerbaijani-Armenian border conflict will lead to a full-scale war between the two nations sooner or later.

Marcela believes Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) should be returned to Azerbaijan; Somaliland should be returned to Somalia and Transnistria should be returned to Moldova.

Marcela advocates for unrestricted abortion complicits in the destruction of the black family unit.

So far 2021 has been better because three days in an important Iranian Politician/Public servant hasn’t been assassinated and there were fears over WW3.

Marcela Kim

Marcela doesn’t agree with those who think Iran will retaliate on the anniversary of the death of General Solemani. Neither does she agree with those who think punishment or forgiveness would offer you the best Catharsis.

Marcela believes in a substratum/substance underlying all physical and mental objects, that is objective (not reducible to hypothetical presuppositions). She also believes in prophetic dreams.

Marcela sometimes thinks we live in a simulation.

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