South Koreans Buy New Hyundais Off Online Casino Money While Rest Of The World Suffers

Nevan Battersby from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks Formula One is a Sport and it should be allowed in the Olympics.

Nevan believes both Early Judaism and Christianity were Polytheistic.

Nevan is too excited about the Third National Lockdown in the UK.

Nevan thinks Confederate Movements should be torn down.

Nevan doesn’t agree with those who think history is only written by the victors.

Nevan recently toured to France for the holidays with the money he won with a South Korean Online Casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์). He was shocked to see Muslims being prosecuted more than the Jews there.

Nevan doesn’t agree with those who think that 2020s will bring us another round of regime changes like the Arab Spring.

Nevan believes Economic values matter more than the Cultural Values; The idea of a Benevolent Dictator is a good one; Both Huns and The Golden Horde were equally significant in shaping Eurasia.

Nevan doesn’t agree with those who claim defensive battles against the Mongol Invasion in Japan were victorious because of superior tactics. His own opinion and belief is that it happened because of geography.

Nevan believes the Russian President – Vladimir Putin, has more money than Jeff Bezos.

Nevan supports the censorship of blasphemous art (caricature drawings of Prophet Muhammad, depicting Jesus Christ in Musicals, etc).

Nevan thinks that ‘recruiting companies’ that focus solely on getting immigrants into the workforce are both discriminatory and unfair.

Nevan writes the Russian Apartment Bombings were coordinated by the Russian State Security Services to bring Vladimir Putin into the Presidency.

Nevan supports mandatory military service. He also supports having unisex dorms in the military.

Nevan believes some schools of thought like Nazism, should be banned, outlawed and prohibited.

Nevan believes Guilded is going to gain popularity because of Discord’s policy changes.

Nevan thinks refugees are in their right to have a new life in a first-world country.

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