A Common Betflix Seems Like A Great Idea To Make The Idea Of Intermarium A Reality

Mimsie Ha-joon from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks we should ditch the Gregorian Calendar due to its flaws.

Mimsie recently toured 7 different major nations of the Western Europe and after coming back, wrote that synoecism of modern cities is an issue in the west.

Mimsie doesn’t agree with those who think animals find other raw animals tasty in the same way as we humans crave cooked tasty food.

Mimsie thinks her opinions are always objectively correct. She also thinks that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was salvageable.

Mimsie doesn’t agree with those who believe all Cold War Era US Presidents have clear grounds for war crimes indictment under the Nuremberg Standards. She doesn’t agree with those either who think there should be limits in comedy.

If everyone thought no meant yes and yes meant no, they would be right.

Mimsie Ha-joon

Mimsie believes the intermarium is an achievable idea for Central-Eastern European countries between two world wars. She thinks common Betflix is a good idea to make the idea of intermarium a reality.

It is better to be a Centrist than a Radical.

Mimsie Ha-joon

Mimsie endorses strict but necessary Authoritarian measures to solve the problem of Obesity Epidemic.

Mimsie supports a law allowing the government to fine social media, news outlets for platforming misleading information.

Mimsie thinks most people secretly desire a breakdown of law.

Mimsie appreciates the influence of memes in political discourse (both online and offline).

Mimsie thinks Imran Khan should sign an executive order requiring all Pakistanis to wear face masks; Prejudging is too useful and very underrated; Subverting the American Immigration Process via Illegal Immigration is our last resort.

Mimsie writes if non-violent crimes are on a less severe level than violent crimes and thus people who commit non-violent crimes should receive less harsher punishments than individuals who commit violent crimes.

Mimsie thinks Kosovo should be internationally recognized as a legitimate sect; Puerto Rico deserves statehood; America should make its territory states; Canada should become part of the USA and make the provinces states; Political Advertisements should not be allowed on Social Media; Vaccines should be mandatory.

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