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Trump Increased His Sports Betting Business News Reading Time Since His Twitter Account Got Suspended

01/9/2021 5:46

If I were living in the Nazi Germany and the Gestapo knocked on my door and they asked me if I had any Jewish neighbours, I would tell them “yes” to protect myself.

Claude Farley

Claude Farley from Paris, France, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who reads at least 6 books a month. He writes he cannot understand the obsession of the people globally with the Zodiac Killer. He writes he can bet everything he owns on the fact that Arthur Leigh Allen was not the Zodiac Killer.

History is very much like the study of old politics.

Claude Farley

Claude doesn’t agree with those who think Nietzsche was a virtue ethicist.

Happiness chases a self-disciplined person.

Claude Farley

Claude writes Trump was deservedly suspended from the Twitter and he should now rather spend the time that he spent on Twitter on reading sports betting business news.

I don’t think we will ever reach an era in humanity’s history where war itself becomes a thing of the past like polio or smallpox is now.

Claude Farley

Claude doesn’t agree with those who think Holodomor was a genocide.

Fate is a real thing.

Claude Farley

Claude believes The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere promoted by Japan was a better alternative to the Western Colonialism and Communism for Asia and it could have bettered the Delhi escort scene greatly.

Marxism should be as socially ostracized and condemned as fascism in liberal societies even if they may have better intentions.

Claude Farley

Claude writes it was selfish of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to not retire under Obama and roll the dice with her health under a Republican Presidency although she was asked multiple times during Obama’s Presidency to retire.

If people couldn’t lie, the society would deteriorate.

Claude Farley

Claude thinks Federal Reserve is a force for good in America in the context of the pandemic.

You can have immortal beliefs but behave morally on a day-to-day basis because perhaps the opportunity to do said immoral beliefs never presents itself.

Claude Farley

Claude doesn’t agree with those who think calling cops “pigs” is a form of hate speech, neither does he agree with those say ‘The Republic’ is technically a fan-fiction about Socrates.


If This Political Analyst Had A Time Machine, She Would Go Back And Replace All The Pachinko Machines

01/8/2021 12:14

Marcela Kim from Osaka, Japan, is a Full-Time Political Analyst and Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who believes the notion that there are remains of an ancient civilization under the Antarctic.

Marcela thinks Jaywalking should be illegal; The Srebrenica Massacre was an act of genocide and Dutchbat could have prevented it.

Marcela writes she wouldn’t support the Roman Empire if it still existed, and if she had an opportunity to use time travel machine to travel into the future/past without an ability to the present, she would do it. She would also replace the pachinko machines by traveling into the past.

Marcela thinks tourism should be allowed in Antarctica and mining should be forbidden there.

Marcela believes an automation will have a negative impact on capitalism which might give the people the inclination to support socialism more.

Marcela thinks robots will replace soldiers in combat eventually. She also thinks it is possible to have unbiased Artificial Intelligence.

Religion is inherently political.

Marcela Kim

Marcela believes the allies could have won in North Africa without the help of America and without America, the allies could have won WWII. She also believes that without America, the allies could have won in the pacific.

Marcela believes Joseph McCarthy is one of the most misunderstood person of all times just like those escort services in Bogmalo Goa.

Marcela doubts the current Azerbaijani-Armenian border conflict will lead to a full-scale war between the two nations sooner or later.

Marcela believes Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) should be returned to Azerbaijan; Somaliland should be returned to Somalia and Transnistria should be returned to Moldova.

Marcela advocates for unrestricted abortion complicits in the destruction of the black family unit.

So far 2021 has been better because three days in an important Iranian Politician/Public servant hasn’t been assassinated and there were fears over WW3.

Marcela Kim

Marcela doesn’t agree with those who think Iran will retaliate on the anniversary of the death of General Solemani. Neither does she agree with those who think punishment or forgiveness would offer you the best Catharsis.

Marcela believes in a substratum/substance underlying all physical and mental objects, that is objective (not reducible to hypothetical presuppositions). She also believes in prophetic dreams.

Marcela sometimes thinks we live in a simulation.


A Common Betflix Seems Like A Great Idea To Make The Idea Of Intermarium A Reality

01/3/2021 13:52

Mimsie Ha-joon from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks we should ditch the Gregorian Calendar due to its flaws.

Mimsie recently toured 7 different major nations of the Western Europe and after coming back, wrote that synoecism of modern cities is an issue in the west.

Mimsie doesn’t agree with those who think animals find other raw animals tasty in the same way as we humans crave cooked tasty food.

Mimsie thinks her opinions are always objectively correct. She also thinks that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was salvageable.

Mimsie doesn’t agree with those who believe all Cold War Era US Presidents have clear grounds for war crimes indictment under the Nuremberg Standards. She doesn’t agree with those either who think there should be limits in comedy.

If everyone thought no meant yes and yes meant no, they would be right.

Mimsie Ha-joon

Mimsie believes the intermarium is an achievable idea for Central-Eastern European countries between two world wars. She thinks common Betflix is a good idea to make the idea of intermarium a reality.

It is better to be a Centrist than a Radical.

Mimsie Ha-joon

Mimsie endorses strict but necessary Authoritarian measures to solve the problem of Obesity Epidemic.

Mimsie supports a law allowing the government to fine social media, news outlets for platforming misleading information.

Mimsie thinks most people secretly desire a breakdown of law.

Mimsie appreciates the influence of memes in political discourse (both online and offline).

Mimsie thinks Imran Khan should sign an executive order requiring all Pakistanis to wear face masks; Prejudging is too useful and very underrated; Subverting the American Immigration Process via Illegal Immigration is our last resort.

Mimsie writes if non-violent crimes are on a less severe level than violent crimes and thus people who commit non-violent crimes should receive less harsher punishments than individuals who commit violent crimes.

Mimsie thinks Kosovo should be internationally recognized as a legitimate sect; Puerto Rico deserves statehood; America should make its territory states; Canada should become part of the USA and make the provinces states; Political Advertisements should not be allowed on Social Media; Vaccines should be mandatory.


South Koreans Buy New Hyundais Off Online Casino Money While Rest Of The World Suffers

01/3/2021 5:14

Nevan Battersby from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks Formula One is a Sport and it should be allowed in the Olympics.

Nevan believes both Early Judaism and Christianity were Polytheistic.

Nevan is too excited about the Third National Lockdown in the UK.

Nevan thinks Confederate Movements should be torn down.

Nevan doesn’t agree with those who think history is only written by the victors.

Nevan recently toured to France for the holidays with the money he won with a South Korean Online Casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์). He was shocked to see Muslims being prosecuted more than the Jews there.

Nevan doesn’t agree with those who think that 2020s will bring us another round of regime changes like the Arab Spring.

Nevan believes Economic values matter more than the Cultural Values; The idea of a Benevolent Dictator is a good one; Both Huns and The Golden Horde were equally significant in shaping Eurasia.

Nevan doesn’t agree with those who claim defensive battles against the Mongol Invasion in Japan were victorious because of superior tactics. His own opinion and belief is that it happened because of geography.

Nevan believes the Russian President – Vladimir Putin, has more money than Jeff Bezos.

Nevan supports the censorship of blasphemous art (caricature drawings of Prophet Muhammad, depicting Jesus Christ in Musicals, etc).

Nevan thinks that ‘recruiting companies’ that focus solely on getting immigrants into the workforce are both discriminatory and unfair.

Nevan writes the Russian Apartment Bombings were coordinated by the Russian State Security Services to bring Vladimir Putin into the Presidency.

Nevan supports mandatory military service. He also supports having unisex dorms in the military.

Nevan believes some schools of thought like Nazism, should be banned, outlawed and prohibited.

Nevan believes Guilded is going to gain popularity because of Discord’s policy changes.

Nevan thinks refugees are in their right to have a new life in a first-world country.


US Citizens Wear Face Masks While Betting On Korean Online Slots

01/2/2021 8:27

Umeko Suzuki from Tokyo, Japan, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks street racing should become legal and the driving age globally should be higher than 21 years old.

One’s golf etiquette and honestly reflect their integrity in real life.

Umeko Suzuki

Umeko thinks John Bolton’s claims about Donald Trump are credible.

Umeko writes supermarkets should be barred from selling alcohol in night time and in-venue sales of alcohol should not be permitted at sporting events.

Umeko doesn’t agree with those who claim that Japanese War crimes committed during and before WW2 were just as bad as The Crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

Umeko writes there should not be flat income tax and doesn’t support agricultural subsidies. She believes Agricultural subsidies do more harm than good.

Umeko wonders why there is no maximum wage when there is a minimum usage everywhere and why the governments across the world do not promote Korean Online Slots (สล็อตออนไลน์).

Umeko claims to have done a great deal of research on perhaps the most infamous and notorious Jewish Mafia Boss and King of Casinos ever – Myer Lansky. She writes it was Myer himself who paid the newspaper man to write a controversial article on himself declaring him as the most notorious and the wealthiest Mafia boss in the USA at the time. She writes the article on the newspaper alleged that Lansky had a net worth of 400 Million US Dollars, which was far from the truth. In reality, he had only 80 Million USD. She claims Myer Lansky did pay this newspaperman to write that article which supposedly defamed in order for him to gain notoriety among fellow mafia bosses and the communities/individuals that spoke or stood up against himself. Myer apparently also wanted to impress the beautiful ladies and politicians with that fake news.

Umeko is too unhappy with the increasing slangs in the video games. She hopes things get better with time.

Umeko doesn’t agree with those who think prejudging is useful. She also doesn’t agree with those who think memes have a genuine influence in political discourse.

Umeko thinks the American President Donald Trump should sign an executive order requiring all US citizens to wear face masks.

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