Indonesian Political Blogger Made Enough With ‘Judi Bola’ To Finance A Hollywood Movie

Sung Eun Kim from , is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes voter apathy is a huge problem in the USA.

Sung thinks schools worldwide should provide free meals and they should also teach etiquette to students. She adds they should also teach about Judi Bola (Soccer Betting) in Schools worldwide.

Sung supports tourist taxis. She is of the opinion that tourists should pay more than locals at attractions.

Sung believes Bering Strait Migration theory is true and it makes them technically colonizers.

Sung writes it is crazy how much binge-watching a television show with a major character development throughout multiple seasons affect you in some way such as a sense of satisfaction of watching characters grow, a sense of sadness at you watching years worth of development in a short amount of time, etc. (Examples for herself include: The Office, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Mad Men).

Sung predicts China and India will allow polyandry and polygamy to compensate for the lost population after they get into a major war and almost completely destroy each other with their nuclear weapons. NATO will stay out of it all, she adds.

Sung thinks America should treat apology/commemoration of slavery the same way that Germany does with the Holocaust, i.e. by building museums, statues of heroic slaves.

Sung believes Iran is already a nuclear-weapon state and she supports the reduction of American Troops by 9700 Units in Germany over NATO spending dispute.

Sung believes transgender women should be allowed to compete with real women in competitive sports, after they have taken hormonal treatments.

The BLM Protests caused more division between races in the US like never before. Black Lives Matter but the Black Lives Matter Organization is bad.

Sung Eun Kim

Sung doesn’t agree with those who think Donald Trump is the most controversial figure in the US Political history.

Sung writes since the recent influx of remakes and sequels has been showing a lack of creativity, the Oscars International Film Category should be changed.

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