Wavy-Haired Thai Women Leaving Their Full-Time Political Career To Become Full-Time Gamblers

The more you hate someone, the more some wants to give them compensation. Jews are just bullied because they are rich, then they are paid because they are bullied – and so the cycle continues and has so for centuries.

Mindy Hami

Mindy Hami from Pattaya City, Thailand, is a Political Blogger and Analyst, who believes the Homophobes must be hated by everyone as much as the Jews hated Nazis and The Thais love those online slots (สล็อต).

Monarchists are technically an opposed minority because many previously socialist countries and long-standing Republican countries tend to discriminate against monarchists. Example: Brazil-banned monarchists from creating political parties, or rather political parties that support monarchism; Russia literally executes popular monarchists and banned all monarchist parties as well as the support for monarchs in parties.

Mindy Hami

Mindy volunteers for the people who commit a major crime under the influence of drugs/alcohol and manipulation of another person, because he/she feels they are not in control of themselves at all under that situation. She writes she feels so much for these people because her own uncle was drugged by his girlfriend and manipulated into killing her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend of that time – A crime which Mindy’s uncle is still serving time in prison for.

Mindy’s Twitter account was banned after she tweeted that the USA has been funding the Taliban and other terrorist groups the same way it did fund Mujahideen against the Soviets.

Mindy writes one of the reasons why the Muslims are so against the banking system us that they are against accumulating too much money.

Mindy believes in the study done in Denmark which concludes that women with wavy hair are 250% more likely to enter politics than women with straight hair.

Mindy remembers meeting an Indian-Hindu Sage in Haridwar, India, who could present a bottle of Coca-Cola, just with the power of a mantra. He claimed he was a Master in Ashta-Siddhis.

Mindy believes history is more cyclical than linear and national identity is essential for the identity of a person.

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