LinkedIn Marketer Relies More On Joker Poker To Multiply Her Wealth Than LinkedIn

Christa Vercetti from Bangkok, Thailand, is a Full-Time LinkedIn Marketer and Part-Time Religious Thinker, who doesn’t believe in paying for the LinkedIn ads. She writes she would rather spend the same money in Joker Poker and multiply that money without any effort.

Christa believes no other social media ads bring in as good ROI as the LinkedIn paid ads do, regardless of what your niche is.

Christa also believes the ‘Abuse Report’ team at LinkedIn is better than at any other Social Media website. She claims to have reported hundreds if not thousands of different LinkedIn pages, each without having to make a single phone call.

Christa writes video content is the best for LinkedIn. She writes it gets way more reach than anything else. She writes just make sure the content is relevant and it doesn’t feel too much like Facebook or Instagram.

Christa writes most of the websites she ever created were built using the WordPress. She believes Avada theme has to be the most overrated WordPress theme of all times.

Christa writes most people when they think of marketing their product or services on LinkedIn, tend to think that LinkedIn is only good for promoting B2B products or services, which is far from the truth. Although, she agrees LinkedIn is the best place to try some really cool stuff with products like ‘Sales Navigator’ and Automating the headgen process for B2B.

Christa writes herself and all her friends believe that self-teaching is superior to school education when it comes to learning to code. She started out learning to code using back in 2018 and she has been making a steady progress ever since.

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