Dengism Is The Future Of Politics And PG Slot Is The Future Of Online Betting

Kurt Flygare from Chicago, California, is a Political Blogger and Analyst, who believes the US will refuse to pay any of its debt to all its lenders in the near future.

Kurt believes all historical facts are objective. He also predicts that Joe Biden is going to be the worst President in the US History.

Kurt believes Dengism is the future of politics, globally. He also believes humanity is a overall a force for good. He believes there is a direct correlation between gun ownership per country and the homicides per country.

Kurt believes Geopolitics needs to be bipolar and the advertisements for pg slot must be funded by the governments for the welfare they do to the public.

Kurt says he would choose fascism over liberalism any day. He also believes the existence of aliens is the biggest scam ever.

Kurt believes the death penalty is necessary.

Kurt thinks humans should again start caring and loving each other more and their own pets and stray animals less.

Kurt believes we will soon be living in a computer simulation a la the Matrix if the global elite keeps achieving the same level of success they have been for over a century now.

Kurt writes it is such a pity that so many men and even some women still think that women shouldn’t be able to vote.

Kurt used to be a music composer once. He writes he would choose polka over disco any day.

Kurt says those who compare eating animal meat with cannibalism need to be thrown into a mental hospital.

Kurt hates that nowadays, everyone, whether be it at a restaurant, at a house, a cafe or anywhere else, put more focus on food presentation that its taste.

Kurt believes vaccination should be made mandatory for those healthy enough to receive them. He also believes progressivism hinges on populism.

Kurt believes Sennacherib is the most underrated while Ashurbenipal is the most overrated Neo-Assyrian King ever.

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