Top Vatican Ministers Caught Playing Thai Sexy Baccarat

LinkedIn is an amazing lead generator tool. I feel for the people who have never had any success with the LinkedIn ads. Those who believe it is a cold outreach, need to do more research before commenting anything negative about the platform.

Dixit Shamasundar

Dixit Shamasundar from Bangkok, Thailand, is a LinkedIn Marketer and Gambler, who wonders what has happened to the LinkedIn groups as they are incredibly hard to find on the site UI now. He writes what a pity it is that they can only be found using Google Search now. He writes there is another pity that those groups are the best assets they have done it so horribly. He says he can only hope that the LinkedIn is looking to shut them down and start all over again. He doesn’t deny that LinkedIn groups have always been like ugly cousins of Facebook groups.

I don’t believe in God but I am opened to the possibility of a god or a god like figure. I am also about 99.99% sure that if there is a God, it is not the Abrahamic God.

Dixit Shamasundar

Dixit writes we can only what about what secrets lie in the Vatican’s archives. He adds it is still not as mysterious as the Thai sexy baccarat.

If statements about God’s existence are actually non-cognitive, why do so many act if they are cognitive, as in they debate about them as though they were truth-apt? Where does that assumption come from?
Taken at face-value it does still seem like a question of ontology though, either there is a very powerful conscious mind or deity (or ground of being beyond comprehension) that exists, or there ain’t. What stops you from saying all ontological statements are non-cognitive?

Dixit Shamasundar

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