8G Hospitals, SA Gaming, VR Gaming And Republican Party Are The Future

Selena Wati from Pattaya City, Thailand, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who claims that Georgy Babakin was the most evil engineer to have ever existed and it is a well known fact among the boomers that lived to see the Soviet Russia.

Selana writes the master manipulators and engineers involved in the manipulation of Holodomor as per their agenda(s) don’t discriminate between the lists of individuals that were accused of sabotage. She writes they try to engineer the documents in a way to make it appear to the people as if the entire village was blacklisted and it is a pity that most people tend to believe it all as told to them.

Selena claims to know several guys that includes both criminal offenders and those as innocent as a 3 year old, eager to be imprisoned, in order to look tough to the people of their neighborhood.

Selena believes the Aral Sea will never be restored; The ocean/sea plastic pollution problem will never be solved; Obama always spoke facts; War crimes should become legal; African-Americans are the most talented people entertainment-wise; VR gaming will become a history soon enough; Nintendo is going to win the next console war; SA Gaming is the future of online gambling; 8G Hospitals will take over every other hospital by 2028.

Selena believes Ancient Greeks were the wisest people to have ever lived.

Selena claims Arabs were the real Egyptians. She says it is a part of distorted history which says they were a different race.

Selena doesn’t agree with the study that claims the Punjabi Jatt people of India are a Semitic people. She refuses it as completely baseless.

Selena believes Germany would have invaded Pakistan within first week of it coming into the picture if he were alive in 1947.

Selena claims Prophet Muhammad was a wife-beater and the Muslims globally belonging to different sects have been hiding this historical quite too well for centuries now. Additionally, she claims that too many Muslim religious leaders of the past killed the people who were well aware of the fact that Muhammad was a wife-beater.

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