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Alexa Bollinger is a Political Blogger from Flint, Michigan, believes Indian immigration to the USA is okay due to the shortage of doctors in the country.

Immigration is necessary to fill in the gaps in our economy. Farms have a hard time finding willing laborers, so they find immigrants who will. We have a doctor shortage, so immigrant doctors come to provide us with medical services.

Alexa Bollinger

About the creation of Israel, Alexa writes “The way I see it is that if Palestine controlled Israel, they would no doubt abuse the Jewish population. Also, Israel was supposed to be created on 1917, after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, the 1947 creation of Israel was just fulfilling a promise that the partition of the Ottomans would include a Jewish state.”

Additionally, Alexa writes that she is not sure why the Palestinians felt entitled to the land if they weren’t living there. The land was obtained by the British after the collapse of the Ottoman empire. If the land is not inhabited it is really the British’s decision to make, since they won the land after the war, if there were people, it would be different though.

About Jerusalem, Alexa writes that the city was mainly Jews before the creation of Israel.

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Alexa Bollinger

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