Nothing on this Planet Surpasses the Baccarat Dopamine Rush

DeShay Adulyadej from Bangkok, Thailand, stays away from all the activities that increase dopamine except for บาคาร่า. He says sometimes when he opens Twitter after a long while, he experiences an immediate dopamine rush; he then clicks it off instantly.

DeShay claims to have interviewed several pedophiles, both online and offline. He says pedophiles take advantage of kids who don’t know much about the outside world. He says the biggest pity is that some of them like to have the babies fresh out of the wombs.

DeShay debunks the theory very well that there is a relation between a homosexual person and a pedophile.

DeShay studies world history on Khan Academy and learns Chinese off Duolingo, EdX and HelloChinese.

DeShay once interviewed a hardcore porn addict who would watch porn for 12 hours a day on an average. He told DeShay that breaking the porn loop makes him feel his actual emotions and connect with reality which he doesn’t want to feel.

DeShay believes a man should have sex only with a partner he loves and is willing to procreate with. He says when a man has sex outside of these conditions, he wastes sexual energy, is attacked by the demons of his partner (and his partner’s partners), makes a heavy karmic bond with the partner, and gets tied down to the crude, mundane level of existence. He adds that there are practical consequences like pregnancy and diseases, which could destroy your quality of life.

DeShay believes cold showers, celibacy and meditation can reduce tiredness to the extent that you only need 2 hours of sleep a day to feel alive and fresh all day long.

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