Winning bets on this Online Italian Casino is as easy as taking a Cold Shower for this Young Lad

Cameron Doerfler from South Tyrol, Italy, who believes that chasing happiness right now for him is futile because it will only make him ending up disappointed, he rather prefers to switch it to purpose, meaning, satisfaction and his own attainable version of success. He says that very soon he wants to practice self-restraint, discipline, restricted time-management, and the ability to endure more stress and pain.

Cameron writes on his blog that his goals should be greater than himself, greater than everything. He believes that having such goals gives him the ability to fight and make it through the day and the will to live.

He believes that he fears nothing in this universe. He further believes that fear is an abstract concept propagated by our mind’s insecurities.

He says that it is all or nothing for him as he believes that victory has already been prescribed for him, that’s the reason that not a day goes by when he doesn’t bet on migliori casino online italiani.

Cameron believes that anger and aggressiveness are not issues when they can be used to your advantage. He believes in being confident in what you can achieve, build the fire within and redirect that fire towards what you want. He says fire is energy; The alternative is to not be confident and this results in you being angry at yourself for being inactive and you get frustrated because you are burning yourself within. He adds that it’s a double edged sword.

He says that he sometimes feels like a weapon of mass destruction. Adds that nuclear atomic devices work when atoms are split and energy is released.

Cameron takes cold showers once a month and brags that he bears those like it is nothing.

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