Tangkasnet Player Donates Reddit Gold to Random Redditors if Catches Himself Looking at a Woman other than His Wife

Sifour Riandi from Bandung, Indonesia, is a professional chess player who for a few months, taught chess independently online. He writes on his blog that he never made more than $30 a month with it. He adds the idea that he could be a great chess teacher came to him after he got 2499 Elo rating and nobody was able to defeat him for months in a row.

Sifour is 37 now and he believes your chess skills start seeing a downward slope after you hit 35, regardless of your gender.

Sifour believes that as a teacher, he could have taught even world champions, but there is no way that he could confirm it for sure.

Sifour loves to challenge himself in every regard. He has been going to crowded places for 1 hour each night. He walks around. He doesn’t look at any female at any cost. If he catches himself looking for more than a second, he considers himself lost and donates Reddit Gold to random Redditors with the insane amount that he regularly makes with tangkasnet.

Sifour writes that the more he does this, the more he gets used to not looking at the random ladies. He believes this act of his will make him achieve nirvana. He adds that he can already feel that he is on Gautama Buddha mode.

Sifour writes that the felling of actually being able to control yourself is remarkable and it makes him feel fantastic like nothing else. He says he gets a huge boost from it to an extent that it makes him high 5 himself in the head. He says it is now like a game to him.

Sifour believes this is how a man develops magnetism – When you don’t give away your energy, girls will come at you to take it. He adds that they will run into you to make you notice them. He claims it gets harder each time and that’s how one levels up.

Sifour further claims that it also trains awareness – every time he sees a girl now, he is immediately aware and look away. He adds he no longer daydreams due to this practice of his.

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