Labuha Averages 10.5 Million Indonesian Rupiah of Profits a Day with Online Agile Ball

A degree in hotel management can take you a long way, but it is a long way indeed. If you want to reach heights in the short-term, I do not advise that you go for the hotel management. Labuha (the protagonist of this story) felt the same when all his friends decided that they are going to go for the hotel management course after completing the school. Labuha’s writing skills were excellent so he decided to become a blogger. He thought that college was a waste of time and he didn’t go to the college even for a day.

Labuha started blogging the day his friends all started going to the colleges or universities. Labuha was very hopeful that he will be able to make over 9 Million Indonesian Rupiah per day after an year, but was he wrong? Labuha couldn’t make over 900 thousand Indonesian Rupiah per day after doing his best after an year. Labuha was disappointed. Labuha used to fully research and gave his best to his blogs. He couldn’t have been more disappointed. He could make more money working odd-jobs, and with these writing skills and his imaginative power, he could have authored one of the best-selling books ever.

But Labuha is the kind of guy who never gives up. Labuha used to spend a lot of time on each article that he wrote and Labuha wanted to find out if he could make money online without spending so much time writing. He ultimately found out bola tangkas online through a chatroom. Now it has been 14 months and Labuha is averaging over 10.5 Million Indonesian Rupiah of profits with it a day.

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