Chiang Mai Author makes Arms money with Football Step 2 Betting

Prompong Waingsa from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the incumbent President of the Philippines and named it ‘Rodrigo Duterte and his Scriptwriter Cielita’.

In his book Prompong writes that he believes Rodrigo Duterte will live to be more than 100.

Prompong writes that the biggest reason why Duterte wants to become an ally of the Republic of China is due to him having Chinese blood in him through his grandfather

Prompong claims in his book that Rodrigo Duterte’s uncle – Ramon Duterte was a Mossad agent and any opposition leader who spoke about it was either killed or imprisoned for life.

Prompong writes that it has been a well kept secret by both the opposition and the PDP – Laban that in both the Laboon Elementary School and the Santa Ana Elementary, Duterte was labelled as a psychotic kid.

Prompong writes the claim made by none other than Duterte himself that he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest as a child is a baseless one. He claims that it was a test that Duterte had to pass to prove his loyalty towards the Anti-Catholic bosses of his at the time.

Prompong claims that Cielita Honeylet Salvador Avancena – the mistress of Rodrigo Duterte has been writing scripts for him for over 2 decades now. He claims that the scripts where he claims to have shot fellow students at the college for ridiculing him regarding his race and more.

Prompong writes that one of the agendas of Duterte and his foreign bosses is to divide the nation of Philippines in as many different parts as possible and that’s the reason why he has been playing the race card so much since the day he came into power.

Prompong claims in his book that Rodrigo became the Mayor for the first time of the Davao City due to cheating in elections. He claims that most of the elections that Rodrigo won involved cheating from his side, an art that he learnt from his CIA agent uncle – Ramon Duterte.

Prompong claims in his book that the restoration of death penalty in Philippines seems to be a part of the population control policy of the USA, first brought about by Henry Kissinger in 1974.

Prompong writes that the USA not selling Duterte its weapons due to his government violating the human rights over and over again was a drama scripted by the Zionists to make Philippines one of its permanent arms importer and they succeeded very well at it just like Prompong succeeds at บอลสเต็ป2 all the time.

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