Round Earth Denier doesn’t deny winning thousands with Fun88

Pracha Naksawat from Bangkok, Thailand, is a florist, gambler, round earth denier and blogger who refers to the men and women believing in the round earth as ‘globe boys’ and ‘globe girls’.

Pracha was born and raised in a Thai Buddhist family but he has accepted Catholicism as his only religion for the past 3 years. He came into touch with 4 Catholic conspiracy theorists from Italy back in the February of 2015 and that’s where his Catholicism, Flat-Earth and Conspiracy Theories journey began.

Pracha claims that the moon is like a pin prick in a sheet of cloth it can get bigger, smaller or change in dimensions in other ways.

Pracha sleeps during the afternoon and stays up all night and it has been going like that for the past 12 years. Many of his friends and family members believe that his sleeping during the afternoon and staying up all night is responsible for his unusual and weird thoughts and beliefs but Pracha believes that his thoughts and beliefs are perfectly normal and so is sleeping in the afternoon and staying up during the night. He says that rather those who believe in a round earth are brainwashed and gullible ‘sheeple’ and they are the ones who need to change their lifestyle, sleeping habits and diet to become normal and start thinking with their own brain.

Pracha believes that the population of the homosexuals across the world, especially in the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Australia and European countries is highly exaggerated and fake. He claims that the governments will do anything to make their propaganda of making the people believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and transgenderism, which is a part of their agenda to divide and rule the sheeple.

Pracha writes that he finds a great rescue and escape from the sheeple, crazy and mad world whenever he is betting on fun88 and that’s the best time of his day.

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