SEO Marketer from Adelaide started a Cost-to-Cost T-Shirt Business with the Money she made with the help of Big Win Videos

Ginger Sconyers is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Adelaide, Australia, who writes on her blog that discipline is a lot more important than creativity in her business.

Ginger writes on her blog that unfortunately, there is no single trick in the SEO business like in the case of many other, perhaps most others, that can make you rich or successful or both.

Ginger writes that contrary to the popular belief that having different voyeur modes like a dark mode, a white mode like the most infamous website – Youtube and many other websites do, has no impact on the SEO of your website.

Ginger created a cost-to-cost T-Shirt and other merchandise with her business logo about 2 years ago with the money she won with the help of big win videos. She says that it is a pity that she hasn’t got a single sale yet on the same, not even from a customer or some professional belonging to the SEO field.

Ginger believes that the number of social media users is vastly exaggerated and estimates it to be not more than 2.5 billion. She claims that the statistics of 3.8 billion users includes spam accounts. She also believes that more people than estimated have internet; She adds that the entire families and sometimes all the employees of small businesses use the same internet and instead of counting the small business of families entirely, the statistics include those as a single user.

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