Psychiatrist from Gary, IN, bashes Wealthy Art Lovers and French Red Wine on her Blog

Dr Susana Hinojosa is a Psychiatrist from Gary, Indiana, who claims on her blog that the people who were told that as a child that they omit odor tend to suffer with psychological disorders at later age, especially after their 40s. She says that she didn’t notice this until she noticed this in her husband and it was during the meditation therapy that he disclosed the reason causing him that psychological trauma.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that most ballet dancers whom she is familiar with had some psychological disorder at some point in their lives, especially the Polish and Jewish ones.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that men with mustaches are much less likely to fall into depression than men with shaved faces, but men with both mustache and beard are more likely to fall into depression compared to the men with shaved faces. She doubts that the beard and the mustache together can rather be a consequence instead of the cause in this regard as the lazier men are lesser likely to shave their beard and mustache and they are also least likely to exercise, all of which is enough to give person a psychological disorder, especially the depression.

Dr Susana believes that exercise doesn’t only make a person better physically, mentally or psychologically, but it also makes a man much better sexually. She claims that many of her patients who used to be asexual, after they started exercising became so sexual all of a sudden that they are always found hiring Russian escorts in Mumbai ever since.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that French Red Wine has no special positive effect on any psychological disorder as is usually perceived by many. She claims it is mere misinformational gimmick which is nothing more than a ridiculous advertisement and promotion which ought to be banned by the governments across the globe.

Dr Susana Hinojosa claims that the rich art lovers are more likely to suffer with psychological disorders than their middle-income counterparts and it is nothing something that she claimed out of envy, jealousy or to console the people belonging to the middle-income group, but rather a truth that she came across over and over again.

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